Information has been coming in fast about Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury these last few days. With less than a month until launch, it's Nintendo first big release of 2021 (sorry Buddy Mission: Bond) and we've had a good look at what Bowser's Fury is bringing, alongside new pre-order bonuses and even a sticker game across the official website.

Among this, we've been able to directly compare just how 3D World runs on Switch in comparison to the original Wii U release. We've only got trailer footage from the Switch to rely on currently, but as you can see in the video, if the trailer is to be believed, it's a noticeably faster experience than before.

Featuring some changes to the camera during gameplay, the Switch version looks set to be a more refined experience, and we cannot wait to give it a try.

Update: Nintendo has formally confirmed that the game does indeed have speed changes:

In addition, the moving speed is up or, wall climbing and of Nekomario, longer flight time of jumped and may become improve the operability from the Wii U version has been.

Will you be buying Super Mario 3D World next month? Are you happy with the new changes? Let us know down below.