Image: Nintendo

Saying Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been a tremendous success for Nintendo would be an understatement. Still topping the UK charts in 2021, Twitter recently revealed it as their most talked-about game for 2020 and it also became Metacritic's top-rated Nintendo game for last year.

Undeniably, New Horizons has been a huge factor in pushing Switch console sales, so we can't be too surprised that it's also become France's top seller for 2020. It's a spot previously occupied by EA's annual FIFA entries, which were France's biggest games between 2014-2019, meaning New Horizons has broken a successful 6-year streak.

It also marks Nintendo's first game to claim this crown since Mario Kart Wii in 2008. Before that, we're looking all the way back to Pokémon Silver in 2001, as Call of Duty and Pro Evolution Soccer also dominated for a long time.

In any other year, it would've been more surprising to see FIFA lose that position, but by September alone, New Horizons' had sold 26.04 million copies worldwide, a mere six months after release. It also became the fastest game to hit 6 million physical sales in Japan back in November, so seeing this success spread to other countries wasn't particularly unexpected.

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