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The Switch version of Super Mario 3D World appears to run faster than its original Wii U counterpart. It's apparently got nothing to do with frame rate or technical performance, either. The gameplay might have just been sped up - unless the reveal trailer is playing tricks on us!

GameXplain shared a side-by-side comparison of both versions, and within seconds you can see the Switch iteration is outpacing the Wii U original. It could be around "20 to 30 percent faster" according to the source. Here's a full look:

The Switch footage on show in the video above certainly makes the experience look a lot smoother and snappier. GameXplain also notes how Nintendo appears to have changed the camera slightly. Plus, in addition to this, 3D World on Switch comes with online play and the expansion, Bowser's Fury.

Will you be returning to Super Mario 3D World next year? Would you be up for a faster version of this game? Tell us below.

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