The Switch has several pinball games to its name and the system's facility with TATE mode and portability makes it an ideal way to get your digital pinball fix at home or on-the-go. Sometimes, though, you may be hankering for a more authentic experience, especially if you're an aficionado of real life pinball. That's how Tommy Williamson from Nerds and Makers felt, although he had the time and the talent to do something about it.

First posted a couple of months ago, we've only just caught this video... and now we want one of these pinball controllers. Dubbed the SwitchPin (not the Pin-Con), the video shows how Williamson went about modelling and 3D-printing a controller with flipper buttons, with a housing that you simply pop your Joy-Con into to create a much more authentic pinball experience on Nintendo's console.

Take a look at the video below and prepare to want yet more plastic in your house:

Although Williamson has no plans to sell this set up, he has made the files available to download. So, if you've got the 3D printer and inclination (and the flatscreen TV or monitor) to make your own, what's stopping you? We've got to say that we're tempted, and we don't even have a 3D printer! Yet.

How about you? Let us know your thoughts on Williamson's creation below - we're off to check which tables have come out for Pinball FX3 since we last played, and the prices of 3D printers.

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