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Update: As part of the Super Mario 35th Anniversary Direct announcements, the Puma rumour (say that three times) has been confirmed as legit and Nintendo of America has been tweeting about them. Gotta say, they should really be platforms, no?

Known as the RS-Dreamer Super Mario 64 Basketball Shoes, these will certainly be more comfortable for jumping than Mario's own shoes (see below). They're up for sale at the exact time of this update's publication on Puma's official US site, and they'll set you back a cool $125, with junior 'JR' sizes available for $100.

Original Story (Wed 2nd Sep, 2020 17:00 BST):

Super Mario Puma Party
Not modelled after the plumber's own sensible footwear, we might add.

In recent years we've seen sportswear giant Puma getting in on the vidya game action with various crossovers: a couple of years back there was a line of Sonic-styled sneakers, and last year the company teamed up with the Tetris company for a fetching line of Tetris-based footwear (more comfortable than you might imagine given that particular crossover).

Now it seems that Puma and Nintendo are getting together for a similar Super Mario crossover, no doubt as a tie-in for the plumbers upcoming 35th anniversary. As reported by Press Start, a pair of Super Mario sneakers (or trainers as we say around these parts) appeared on Footlocker's website.

The product page has since been taken down, but not before the internet got a look at the red and blue footwear:

Mario Sneakers
Image: Push Start

It seems just a matter of time before these are officially revealed, as rumours of other announcements related to the plumber's 35th anniversary continue to intensify. Besides the telltale colour scheme, the Super Mario branding is limited to the tongues on each shoe and the cute little Starman on the back. Neat!

Garish? A little too much? Or do those classy, subtle yellow buckles (implying the plumber's dungaree buttons) have you wondering if you could pull off this look? Let us know if you'd wear these down the pub below.

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