There's certainly no shortage of merchandise available should gamers wish to advertise their nerd credentials to the world. Recently we looked at streetwear brand Bricktown's collaboration with Nintendo, and there's plenty more where that came from.

The latest video game/fashion brand crossover comes in the following form, as announced on the official Tetris Company Twitter feed last night:

As yet, that PUMA X TETRIS logo is all we've got to go on, except for the image of the shoe's sole at the top of the page.

This isn't the first time that the sportswear company has cross-pollinated with a video game brand. Last year you may remember the PUMA X SEGA trainers for the Sonic fans out there.


As sleek as these shoes may or may not be, we can't help feeling a little disappointed. Of course, we're sure they'll be soft and comfortable, but we find the surreal image of hip gamers wandering around with blocky L-pieces on their feet quite appealing.

An ambitious crossover? Can you think of a more appropriate game for a footwear tie-in? Let us know below.