Welcome back to another round of Box Art Brawl, the series that sends two or more regional variants of game covers into an arena to pugilise for your pleasure.

Last week we enjoyed the epic duel between the North American / European Metroid: Other M box and the rather lovely Japanese variant. The result was predictable from the start, but the western version still managed to bag nearly a quarter of your votes. Still, that Japanese cover!

This week we're looking at a little Nintendo DS sequel to a classic Zelda-like adventure with a unique art style that began life on the PS2 before coming to Wii (and then everywhere — Okami HD is available on Switch).

Why are we looking at Okamiden rather than its predecessor, you might ask? Well, on 30th September 2020 it'll be exactly a decade since the release of the Japanese version, so we thought it deserved a little love on its 10th birthday.

We see your tails rightly wagging. Let's get on with it, pedigree chums!

North America and Europe


Featuring the sword-wielding Kuni riding adorable pup Chibiterasu, the western version is certainly striking. With the red sun casting out vivid rays across the background and black swipes from the Celestial Brush wrapping around the protagonists, it hints at the action of the adventure while giving a good taste of the gorgeous art style carried over from the previous game.

Plenty of motion, a pleasing mix of bold colours and subtler hues; it's a strong opener from the West.



The Japanese cover is much more contemplative by comparison, with Kuni and Chibiterasu strolling over the pastel landscape and cherry blossom swirling around them. It gives a better sense of the environment while keeping a similar general layout with the logo in the top right and the heroes in the opposite corner.

It's less dynamic, but perhaps more reflective of the game experience, and we enjoy that it gives a sense of the world. Less eye-catching, but more pensive. Tough choice, this week.

So, which is best? Pick your favourite and hit 'Vote' to let us know which pup you prefer:

Which region got the best Okamiden box art?

That's all for this brawl — we'll see you next time for another round. Take care, lovely people!