Super Mario 3D All-Stars launches today, but, as is often the case in the world of video games, some people got access to it early thanks to kindly retailers shipping them out so they arrived yesterday. However, a lot of people also gained access to the title by somewhat shadier means, thanks to the fact that it leaked on the net a few days ago.

Because copies are "out there" already, we've been hearing reports that the collection suffers from a pretty awful crash bug. It has been claimed that some people are using this bug as yet another stick to beat Super Mario 3D All-Stars with; many have accused Nintendo of a 'lazy cash grab' because the titles in the package are partly based on emulation, rather than being built from the ground-up for Switch. Reports that the title is also potentially unstable has only given these individuals more fuel for their fire.

However, we're now seeing evidence that this particular bug only impacts those who are running the game (retail or downloaded from the web) on a modded Switch console, and the bug is not present in legitimate copies of the game running on unsullied Switch systems:

Screenshot 2020 09 18 At 09.18.29

Don't expect this to be a lasting thing, however; as is so often the case, modders have already overcome the problem.

We quite liked Super Mario 3D All-Stars, as you'll know if you've already seen our review – and watched our comparison video which shows just how much better the games look than they did originally.