The Nintendo Indie World Showcase presentation broadcast earlier featured a cluster of indie games that are launching later today, and one of them is enchanting puzzle-platformer Evergate.

Coming from Boston-based Stone Lantern Games, Evergate is a deeply personal adventure that has players exploring the afterlife as Ki, a childlike soul revisiting areas of the world that she once inhabited. Using crystals you find around the environment, a gameplay mechanic known as the Soulflame fundamental to navigating the world by forming platforms, boosting, teleporting and generally zipping around in acrobatic fashion.

Check out the trailer above for a better look at the Soulflame mechanic in action, or alternatively the timestamped segment from the presentation itself with messages from members of the dev team. We also recently spoke to the team at Stone Lantern about the game and the inspiration behind it; when we asked about a potential release date, they were understandably cagey with their response - and now we know why!

Evergate is available on the Switch eShop now for $16.99 / £14.44, a 15% launch discount down from $19.99 / £16.99.

Will you be giving the Soulflame a whirl later on? Let us know if your puzzle-platforming flame burns for this one below.