Super Nintendo World

We've been treated to a number of cheeky glimpses at the upcoming Super Nintendo World over the past couple of weeks, but this latest tease is arguably the most exciting of the lot.

A new video has been shared online by Twitter user @thrillgeek, giving us a look at the park's coins. 'How can coins possibly be exciting?' we hear you ask. Well, check this out.

As you can see, the coins actually rotate on the spot, just like they do in games like Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario Odyssey. It's the little things like this that could really help to make the place feel 'real', and with the whole park drawing from that 3D Mario aesthetic, just imagine what other awesome little things could be hidden away inside. Piranha Plants popping out of Warp Pipes? Floating clouds? The possibilities are endless.

If you missed them, make sure to check out the intriguing aerial photographs of the park and new shots from the ground that have appeared over the last week or so. Before that, we had leaked concept models and more long-distance photographs, too.