As you'll likely know already if you keep a regular eye on our site, a 'Super Nintendo World' theme park is planned to open next year at Universal Studios, Japan. Construction started a while ago, but more and more photographs are starting to appear, giving us an early look at how it's all shaping up.

The snaps have been taken from other parks at the Studios; some elements are obscured by scaffolding and it's far from finished, but you can definitely get a good sense of how it's going to turn out. The following images have been shared online by Twitter user, @lcastudios_usj.


Back in July, "leaked" images of the Nintendo area's overall plan also found their way online, showing off Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, and Yoshi sections. It was also recently confirmed that Super Nintendo World will offer a special magnetic wristband that keeps track of scores and connects to your console.

We're sure we'll get to see more of the park as we get closer to its official opening. As for when that will be? The aim is to have it open ready for the start of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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