Super Nintendo World

Just last week, we shared some intriguing aerial photographs of Super Nintendo World, the new theme park currently in the works at Universal Studios Japan. The images gave us a good look at the general layout of the park and its components, but now we have several more images taken from the ground.

The park itself isn't open yet, but that hasn't stopped visitors taking photographs from other areas of Universal Studios' grounds. The images below come from @LCASTUDIOS_USJ, and while we can't see anything up close, you can certainly get a taste of the size of some of these iconic Mario locations. Take a look:

We can't wait for the park to open properly so that we can truly see how it all looks from the inside. We imagine this is going to become a must-visit experience for Nintendo fans heading out to Japan.

Are you looking forward to seeing Super Nintendo's World's grand reveal? Would you like to visit one day if you get the chance? Let us know in the comments.

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