Untitled Goose Game is a game in which you assume the role of an annoying waterfowl and cause merry mayhem in a sleepy village, just because you can. It's a sandbox title which rewards experimentation, but there are a set number of objectives you have to undertake if you want to complete it.

We've covered the entire game below, along with the 'hidden' objectives which can either be done during your initial playthrough or after you've finished the 'standard' tasks.

One word of warning: this game is infinitely more enjoyable if you figure out the objectives on your own, so please, please, please consider this guide a last resort.

The Garden


How to 'get into the garden'

Quite an easy one, this. You can either grab the radio next to the gate to make the groundskeeper open the gate and give you access, or you can enter the garden via a hole in the bush, just around the corner from the front gate.

How to 'get the groundskeeper wet'

See that tap just next to the garden gate? Wait until the groundskeeper is next to the sprinkler in the garden, then turn it on. Alternatively, you can steal one of his items and take it into the lake outside the garden (next to the bench) and he will get his feet wet when he wades in to retrieve it.

How to 'steal the groundskeeper's keys'

Sneak up behind the groundskeeper and grab the keys from his belt. Easy.

How to 'make the groundskeeper wear his sun hat'

You can wait for the groundskeeper to pause in his labours and remove his hat to mop his brow, but it's much easier to wait until he's hammered the 'no geese' sign at the top of the garden, pull the sign out, and then honk when he hits his thumb putting it back in again. He falls over and you can then grab the hat while he's on the ground. Once you've done this, you need to hide the hat somewhere, forcing him to wear his sun hat.

How to 'rake in the lake'

Simply drag the rake (located next to the shed) into the lake outside the garden.

How to 'have a picnic'

Outside the garden, next to the bench by the lake, you'll find a picnic blanket. You need to bring the following items to it. The sandwich can be found on the bench. The apple is located next to the shed in the garden. The pumpkin is in the pumpkin patch in the garden. The carrot is, likewise, in the carrot patch. The jam is located on the same table as the apple, next to the shed – as is the thermos flask. The radio is just outside the main garden gate (although the groundskeeper might move it to the shed later on) while the basket is next to the bench.

How to 'make the groundskeeper hammer his thumb'

Once you've annoyed the groundskeeper enough, he will hammer a 'no geese' sign at the top exit of the garden. Simply wait for his to swing his arm backwards with the hammer, then honk. He will hit his thumb and the gate to the high street will open.

The High Street

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How to 'break the broom'

The shopkeeper uses the broom to move you away from her store. Simply grab the bottom of it and pull in the opposite direction, and it will break.

How to 'trap the boy in the phone box'

The boy is easily scared and can be forced to run in the direction of the phone box – once he's nearby, he will get inside and shut the door.

How to 'make the boy wear the wrong glasses'

At points, the boy will take off his glasses. If you honk when he does this, he will drop them. You can also make him trip and lose his glasses when he's running (undo his shoelaces to do this by ducking down and pressing A near his feet). Once he's done that, grab the glasses and hide them somewhere, then grab a pair of glasses from the shop and place them near the boy. He will duly put them on.

How to 'make someone buy back their own stuff'

Grab the boy's blue plane and place it on the market stall, next to the car, doll and View-Master toy. The boy will come looking, pick it up, and will be accused by the shopkeeper of stealing. He will then have to pay to get his plane back.

How to 'get on TV'

Honk next to the TV store door and the owner will open it to see what the fuss is about. When they turn to close the door, you have a small window of opportunity to sneak in and touch the red switch next to the door. This will activate the internal cameras, allowing you a brief moment of fame.

How to 'go shopping'

There's a shopping basket next to the market stall, and you need to place the following items inside. The toothbrush is found inside the trash can at the far end of the high street. The loo paper is on the market stall. The hairbrush is also on the market stall (in the middle section). The tinned food is on the market stall too, on one of the shelves – as is the cleaner. As for the fruit and veg, you can find an assortment on the stall, next to the till.

How to 'trap the shopkeeper in the garage'

The garage is located next to the shop. Simply grab any item from the stall (a carrot is perhaps best) and make the shopkeeper chase you into the garage. Then, drop the item and pull on the rope – that will cause the garage door to close, trapping the shopkeeper inside for a short period of time.

The Back Gardens


How to 'make someone break the fancy vase'

Remove the yellow rope that holds up the panel blocking your entry to the woman's garden, then sneak in and steal the purple vase (it's the item she's painting a picture of). Sneak back into the man's garden and drop it in front of him. He will throw it back over the fence, breaking it. (By the way, you can access the man's garden when the fence panel is back in place by pulling out the drawer on the blue dresser at the top of the woman's garden – this creates a walkway back to the man's garden).

How to 'help the woman dress the bust'

Take the man's hat, glasses and pipe (they're on his table) and drop them in the bowl in front of the bust in the woman's garden. She'll take each one and pop it on the bust.

How to 'make the man spit out his tea'

See that massive bell in the woman's garden? Press A next to it while the man is sipping his tea and he'll spit it out.

How to 'get dressed up with a ribbon'

In the woman's garden, there's a goose statue with a red ribbon on it. Wait until her back is turned, remove the ribbon and drag the statue into the man's garden. Then return to the woman's garden and press A next to the spot where the statue was (you have to do this without her looking, otherwise she knows it's you). Honk to get her attention once you're in place and she'll pick up the ribbon and place it on you.

How to 'make the man go barefoot'

When the man is sitting down, grab his slipper and dispose of it. He will eventually sit back down, giving you the chance to steal his other slipper.

How to 'do the washing'

Place the woman's socks and bra in the man's pond, along with the bar of soap found on the side of the bathtub in the woman's garden (the one that's being used to grow flowers in).

How to 'make someone prune the prize rose'

In the man's garden, there's a rose in a box that can be pulled along a track. Pull it as far down the screen as possible, so it's adjacent to the squirrel-shaped bush in the woman's garden. Sneak into the woman's garden and peck at the bush with the A button. She'll pick up the clippers to tidy the bush, and accidentally snip the top of the rose in the process.

The Pub

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How to 'get into the pub'

To get into the pub – which is guarded by the landlord – you'll need to take a leaf out of Solid Snake's book. Wait until the delivery lady has walked into the pub and hide inside the cardboard box next to the van. She'll pick it up and carry you inside.

How to 'break the dartboard'

Wait until the old man is about to throw his dart and then honk – he will mess up his aim and cause the dartboard to fall to the ground.

How to 'get the toy boat'

In the seating area of the pub, you'll notice a sink with a toy boat inside. Turn on the water supply to fill the sink so the boat rises, enabling you to pick it up.

How to 'make the old man fall on his bum'

Wait for the old man to pick up his harmonica, and watch for him preparing to sit down on the stool. Just before he does, grab the stool and pull it away.

How to 'be awarded a flower'

In the pub garden, there are two ladies having a conversation. Walk into the raised drain cover just next to their table and they will encourage you to perform various actions – such as honking, ducking your head and flapping your wings. Once you've completed these tasks, you will be awarded a daisy.

How to 'steal a pint glass and drop it in the canal'

Grab a pint glass from the seating area and dash out of the pub's main gate (if you get chased, you can hide under tables and under a seating area, which has raised sections only you can enter). Once you're out on the road, head downwards and you'll come to a bridge over the canal, where you can deposit the glass.

How to 'set the table'

In the backyard of the pub (where the delivery lady carries her boxes) there's a wooden cylinder with a tablecloth on top – that's the 'table' in this objective. You can get the knife, fork, plate, pepper and candle from the pub's seating area. Remember you can hide under tables if you're being chased, and use the small passageway to the right of the door to the pub's backyard to access the table.

How to 'drop a bucket on the burly man's head'

Inside the pub's backyard, there's a box of tomatoes on the floor. Take several of these out and drop them on the floor, then attract the attention of the landlord. Make sure he heads to the backyard and starts placing the tomatoes back in the box. Then, go back into the pub's seating area and head to the wall that overlooks the backyard. Tip the bucket over the edge and it will land on his head.

The Model Village


How to 'get into the model village'

This one is easy. At the locked gate, simply head into the water to the left to enter the model village.

How to 'steal the beautiful miniature golden bell'

Walk through the model village until you reach the castle. Use your beak to chip away at the wall to expose the wooden frame beneath. Pull at this until the castle collapses and collect the golden bell.

How to 'take it all the way back home'

The moment you pick up the golden bell, all of the gates you've unlocked around the village will be locked – which means you can't use them as a shortcut. The objective is to take the bell all the way back to the place the game started, which (if you were canny enough to notice) is next to a pit full of bells. Make your way back through the village and avoid the attention of the villagers (running with the bell causes it to ring, attracting nearby humans). Don't worry if you get caught – you can steal the bell back and continue your dash. When you're back at the pit, simply drop the bell in to complete the game and see the end credits.

To-Do (As Well)


How to 'lock the groundskeeper out of the garden' (garden)

Steal the groundskeeper's keys and hide them. Then, tempt him out of the garden and press A on the gate to shut it.

How to 'cabbage picnic' (garden)

Roll a cabbage to the picnic blanket next to the lake.

How to 'trip the boy in the puddle' (high street)

As described before, undo the boy's shoelaces and then chase him through the puddle.

How to 'make the shop scales go ding' (high street)

Place three items on the scales at the same time – this can be tricky as the items often fall off, and the shopkeeper hassles you. Try trapping her in the garage to give you a respite from her attentions. We found that the doll, car and View-Master work fine for this task.

How to 'open an umbrella inside the TV shop' (high street)

Grab an umbrella from the rack outside the shop and make the TV shop owner open the door, as before. Quick dash inside before shuts the door and open the umbrella.

How to 'make someone from outside the high street buy back their own stuff' (garden / high street)

Grab the trowel from the garden and take it to the market stall, placing it next to the other gardening stuff. The groundskeeper should come and collect it, and will be forced to buy it in the process. It may be possible to do this with other items.

How to 'collect the five flowers'

Place in the basket next to the well in the centre of the village the following flowers: Tulip (garden), Lily (outside the shop), Rose (back gardens), Daisy (the flower you are awarded in the pub garden), Chrysanthemum (model village).

How to 'trap the boy in the garage' (high street)

Simply take the boy's blue plane and run to the garage; he will follow you. You can then drop the plane inside and shut the door, just as you did with the shopkeeper.

How to 'catch an object as it's thrown over the fence' (back gardens)

Take an object from the woman's garden and take it to the man's. Once you've dropped it, quickly dash back to the woman's garden and stand opposite the man. When he throws the object, press A to catch it before it hits the ground.

How to 'get thrown over the fence' (pub / back gardens)

Drag the cardboard box from outside the pub to the man's garden. Wait until he's looking away from you and get inside the box. When he notices it, he will hurl the box (with you inside) over the fence.

How to 'dress up the bust with things from outside the back gardens'

For this, you need the old man's woollen hat. Wait until he's about to sit down and then pull the chair away, then take the hat off his head when he's on the floor. The toothbrush from the bin on the high street is another item, as are the glasses from outside the shop. Drop all of these in the bowl in front of the bust in the woman's garden.

How to 'score a goal' (high street / back gardens)

Roll the boy's ball all the way from the high street to the back gardens. Take it into the garden next to the woman's house and roll it into the goal (be warned – this takes some patience!)

How to 'sail the toy boat under a bridge' (pub)

Take the toy boat from the pub sink and then exit the pub and run to the canal bridge on the opposite side of the road. Drop the boat over the edge of the bridge.

How to 'perform at the pub wearing a ribbon' (back gardens / pub)

Swap places with the goose statue to be dressed with the ribbon (again) but exit from the man's garden, rather than the woman's (the bushes of the house next door cause the ribbon to fall off). Head to the pub and perform the same routine for the two ladies sitting in the garden.

How to 'steal the old man's woollen hat' (pub)

You complete this object when you perform the "dress up the bust with things from outside the back gardens" objective.

Once you've completed all of these tasks, the final challenge is completing all of the basic tasks in each area before the church bell chimes (that's six minutes). You don't have to do every challenge in that time (that would be impossible) – just the to-do tasks in each area.