Rhythm Heaven
Image: tumblr

Alongside the WarioWare games, probably one of the weirder but strangely addictive series Nintendo has released over the years is Rhythm Heaven. While the original Game Boy Advance title was never localised, the west did end up receiving the DS sequel followed by Rhythm Heaven Fever on the Wii, and Rhythm Heaven Megamix for the 3DS.

If you've been crying out for another entry in this rhythm-based series, you're going to need to show your support. Responding to a message on Twitter, the series creator and composer Mitsuo "Tsunku" Terada said he would also like to see Rhythm Heaven make a return on the Switch, and asked fans to raise their voices "together" in support of the series.

Keep in mind, a new game is still a decision for Nintendo to make, but it would be great to see this charming series return during the Switch generation. It seems to have developed more of a following than some might think in recent years – with a rumour back in 2018 even suggesting that the Chorus Kids could be joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as playable fighters.

Would you like to see a new Rhythm Heaven game released on the Nintendo Switch? Tell us below.

[source nintendowire.com]