Update (Thu 30th Jan, 2020 15:15 GMT): When we said it shouldn't be too long before we hear more about Code Shifter, we didn't expect it to be quite this soon. The game has appeared on the Switch eShop today and is available to download as we speak.

You can secure your copy for £17.09 / $14.99. More details can be found in our original article below.

Original Article (Fri 10th Jan, 2020 13:45 GMT): Arc System Works, the studio behind series like Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, and River City, has revealed a brand new action-platformer called Code Shifter.

The game has you taking on the role of Stella, a game developer who works at the 'Awesome Rainbow Corp'. Stella's tasked with removing bugs from the studio's big game on the eve of its release - no pressure, then - and as she scrambles around to fix all of the issues, she stumbles across some very mysterious errors indeed.

To combat this, she whips up a debug program - the Code Shifter - which allows her digital avatar 'Sera' to rather literally fight the bugs from within. As you can see from the trailer and screenshots on this very page, you'll be presented with two very different aesthetic styles as you cross from Stella's real world to Sera's in-game world. Here are some key features:

- Iconic Arc System Works characters remixed in 8-bit pixel art, including Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, the River City series and more!
- Utilize a whopping 100 characters to successfully overcome deadly obstacles and enemies to ship the game in time!
- The soundtrack features 8-bit renditions of popular character themes like "Give Me a Break" (Sol Badguy's Theme), Bullet Dance (Noel Vermillion's Theme) and more!
- By defeating the bosses of each stage Sera is rewarded with new costumes that gives her different powers when equipped.
- The "COLORFUL FIGHTERS" game mode is a brawler mini-game that allows up to 4 players to duke it out in a free-for-all!
- Fight against other CPU controlled characters in the Ex Stages of the main story to unlock more playable characters!

The game is set to launch on Switch and other platforms in Q1 of 2020, so it shouldn't be too long before we hear a little more about this one.

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