At last night's Game Awards 2019, former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime resurrected one of his most famous 'characters' for a brief moment before talking about the importance of indie gaming and handing over an award to the makers of Disco Elysium.

Reggie marched on-stage wearing a pair of sunglasses, before introducing himself as Fils-A-Mech, a character created in a Mega64 sketch from 2014 which announced the Super Smash Bros. E3 Invitational. He then launched into a speech talking about the growth of the games business and the importance of indie development, comparing Shigeru Miyamoto and the late Satoru Iwata to the pioneering indie coders of today.

The other nominees in the 'Fresh Indie Game' category were GRIS, My Friend Pedro, Outer Wilds, Slay the Spire and Untitled Goose Game – most of which are available on Switch.