Devil May Cry 3

A day after Capcom announced the original Devil May Cry game would be coming to the Switch eShop, it was discovered there were "no plans" to release a physical version of the game on the hybrid platform.

Of course, now that Devil May Cry 2 is out and Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition has been confirmed for 20th February next year, Capcom has realised it can make some extra coin by offering a physical triple pack in its homeland. It'll be priced at 4,990 Yen and is due out on the same day as the third game's digital release on Switch.

According to Nintendo Everything, this same announcement has also revealed the physical triple pack will contain a copy of the original Devil May Cry on the game card and digital download codes for both the second and third games.

So, just to make it clear – after stating there were "no plans" to make the first game available in physical form, Capcom will, in fact, be releasing this first game on the card and including the other two games as digital downloads.

There's no word on a western release for this trilogy pack just yet, but if it does get the green light here, it will hopefully include all three games on card.

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