Pokemon Sword And Shield

The robust performance of Pokémon Sword and Shield combined with increased hardware sales has caused Nintendo's stock price to jump to its highest point since May 2018.

Nintendo's stock price is currently $49.54, while at the close of May 2018, it rose to $50.05 before dropping down to a low of $31.91 in December of the same year, around the same time hardware partner Nvidia was experiencing troubles. Nintendo's E3 showing in that year also contributed to the slide.

Given the positive momentum the company currently has, we may see it creep even higher over the next few days – but we've still got some way to go before it reaches the $57.71 value it rose to in March of 2018.

Nintendo Share Value
Image: Yahoo Finance

Sword and Shield has sold 1.3 million copies in Japan in three days, as well as topping the charts in the UK. The Switch is also on course to become the UK's best-selling console in 2019, and it was the most popular console in North America in October.

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