Chibi-Robo FIRE

Chibi-Robo! might not be of the same stature as Zelda, Mario or even Kirby, but it's a Nintendo franchise that has plenty of fans, and its refreshingly original gameplay and quirky sense of humour have set it apart from similar titles over the decades.

However, since the launch of Chibi-Robo!: Zip-Lash on 3DS in 2015, we've heard nothing from the company – which has led One Controller Port's Benjamin Yoder to do a little digging.

His findings – which are outlined in this video – make for grim viewing. Skip – which also made the amazing Captain Rainbow on the Wii – hasn't posted anything to Twitter since the release of Zip-Lash, and its Facebook page is currently inactive.

Field System – an associated developer which made smartphone apps – appears to have fallen off the radar, too. In 2018, the company changed its name from Skip Co., Ltd to Skip Inc., which Yoder suggests could be because it is no longer actively developing games and is instead seeking other investment to continue operation.

You might not find this especially shocking as Zip-Lash was a critical and commercial disappointment. Even today, it's possible to find the game and amiibo pack for bargain basement prices, which – as Yoder points out – isn't very often the case with high-profile Nintendo games. In fact, the character's main claim to fame in recent years is being turned into a meme.

The video is well worth a watch as Yoder gets pretty deep in his research, but the end result seems to be beyond doubt – Skip is no longer in the business of making video games and appears to exist in name only at present. Whether or not that means the company is totally dead remains to be seen, but anyone expecting a new Chibi-Robo game soon might be waiting for longer than anticipated.

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