Here's how a Switch Lite should look

We've all heard of Joy-Con drift and Switch docks being 'bricked' by third-party accessories, but this is definitely a new one.

An image supposedly featuring a newly purchased Nintendo Switch Lite has been doing the rounds on Reddit over the last few hours, uploaded by a user named leviatanCL. As you can see, the console appears to have two 'Y' buttons, with the 'B' button being nowhere to be seen.

Ah yes, the familiar A, Y, X, Y pattern
Image: u/leviatanCL

In the replies to the post, another user by the name longaxx claims that the console is theirs, with leviatanCL apparently posting it on their behalf. An awful lot of Reddit users are finding the image hard to believe, suggesting that it has either been Photoshopped or that the buttons have been replaced from another console, but longaxx is adamant that the console is real.

They've said, "Legit bro, I opened it and it was sealed, I realized yesterday. Why I took the risk of violate the warranty just for modding a single button?". When asked about swapping the buttons with another machine, they replied, "It's impossible to swap the button, every button has its own pattern. The console is mine, but a member of a Facebook page saw my post and decides to post here and sent me the link".

We may never know if the console really did arrive like that or not - longaxx has mentioned the possibility of sharing a video to prove that it's real, although that still wouldn't prove how it came in the box - but it's causing quite the commotion regardless. Some have asked whether or not this might mean another Switch Lite is out there somewhere with two B buttons. Two B, or not two B?

What do you think? If it really did ship from Nintendo like that, it sure is an odd case.

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