DOOM Eternal

The last time DOOM Eternal made headlines was when id Software announced the anticipated title had been delayed. Sadly, the Switch version has suffered the biggest setback and will now be released "after" the other versions are launched on 20th March 2020 (alongside Animal Crossing: New Horizons).

If the wait wasn't already painful enough, the official DOOM Twitter account has decided to kill some time by teasing the new ice bomb weapon, which allows you to freeze demons and then shatter them with a melee attack.

The DOOM series has always given players big and bad weapons to crush the hellish hoards, so it's great to see the tradition will continue in the latest outing.

Of course, DOOM Eternal isn't the only DOOM title on its way to the Switch. DOOM 64 is also being offered as a free bonus if you pre-order the latest outing to Hell.

Are you looking forward to getting your hands on this weapon in the new DOOM game? Tell us in the comments.