Today sees the launch of Daemon X Machina, which has perhaps unintentionally become of the most intriguing Switch releases this year.

We say that because the last few months have been quite the rollercoaster for the game and developer Marvelous Entertainment. Back in February, a demo was released with the intention of gaining player feedback; plenty of players took the time to give it a go, but the reaction wasn't exactly positive.

Since then, changes have been made to satisfy fan requests, and the game has absolutely seen a significant turn for the better. Despite this, there seems to have been a general, 'put-off' kind of vibe surrounding the game ever since, and we suspect that a lot of the initial hype may have deteriorated.

So, to settle it once and for all and see if we've got the wrong end of the stick here, we're throwing things over to you. Feel free to chuck a vote in our poll and stick around to see the results as more votes come in - are you picking up a copy?

Will you be buying a copy of Daemon X Machina?

If you're interested, we found the game to be pretty enjoyable when playing it for review, even if it does feel quite repetitive at times. You can read our full thoughts here (including why we think you should try out the new and improved free demo), but we've got a snippet for you below:

At its core Daemon X Machina is a solid mech action game that controls well and gives the player a generous helping of customisation options. Its mission structure can get repetitive, and its plot is so difficult to grasp it may as well be soaked in grease, but as long as you’re willing to put up with these and get through its initially bewildering array of gauges and icons you should have a good time with it.

Thanks to anyone who took the time to vote! Feel free to share any additional thoughts with us on this one in the comments below.