The classic Nintendo Famicom was a design masterpiece compared to the boxier version which regions outside of Japan got in the form of the NES. Around the time of its release, there was a bit of a trend for having combined CRT monitors incorporated into a gaming device, such as the Vectrex from 1982. Later, Apple would take the same design approach with its famous Macintosh home computer.

With this in mind, it is a bit of a treat to see how the Famicom could have looked in this kind of form factor. Swedish designer Love Hultén has allowed his imagination to run wild and has come up with the FC-PVM – a beautiful work of art which combines a Famicom with a Sony Trinitron CRT screen in order to create something which is more than the sum of its parts.

We could almost imagine this design as something which existed as a prototype in Nintendo's secret hardware development studio. The Famicom was always a bit limited by its hard-wired controllers, so Hultén took care of that by making them wireless. Multiple cartridge slots are included on top of the unit, making it the ultimate in convenience for the salaryman who must have the very best.

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