Karl Roe (Programmer) - Username: KingKRoe

What was the thought process behind the creation of your level?

The level is laid out in such a way that at first glance the only way to beat the level is to dunk Yoshi in Lava ….. some people are fine with that. Dunk Yoshi and his friends, collect your coins and finish the level. For the players that have a conscience, they can find a secret path through this evil lair that ultimately leads them to saving Yoshi (and his friends) and finishing the level guilt free. I mostly made it to see who amongst my friends would be willing to sacrifice Yoshi to finish the level and who would be able to save him.

P.S. There’s a secret evil ending to the level…… but the less I say about that the better.

How have your design experiences helped or hindered you in this process?

I’m a programmer so I can’t say I have much design experience. However, what I lack in design skills, I make up for in my willingness to kill Yoshis.

Is there a stage from a 2D Mario game that’s a particular favourite of yours? What makes it so memorable?

I vividly remember Wario having his very own Impossible Lair at the end of Mario Land 2 that plagued me as a child. After collecting 6 coins dotted throughout Mario Land you step foot into a level so punishing and unforgiving, a childhood me was left truly traumatised (a trauma I intend to pass on to future generations through Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair).

Is there any feature you’d love to see added to Super Mario Maker 2?

I’d love to be able to edit the background, add a bit of extra atmosphere. And Wario, give me Wario….

And finally, we have audio designer Matt Griffin's 'Flight of the Bomblebees'!...