Matt Griffin (Audio Designer) - Username: PT_Matt

What was the thought process behind the creation of your level?

I made the name before the level so I knew it had to contain a lot of flying bob-ombs. Once that was set in stone it came together quite quickly, usually you’ll find working within limitations leads to lots of ideas!

How have your design experiences helped or hindered you in this process?

I have no previous experience in level design but as I’m always telling our design department, it’s not a real discipline and anybody can do it.

Is there a stage from a 2D Mario game that’s a particular favourite of yours? What makes it so memorable?

The first Donut Plains level from Super Mario World sticks out in my mind. I think it’s the first level where you can get the feather. Between that, Yoshi and all the enemies it made for a really varied and fun level that I spent loads of time on as a kid trying to discover all the secrets.

Is there any feature you’d love to see added to Super Mario Maker 2?

I’m going to be a bit biased here and lean towards audio. I think the audio in the game is fantastic and probably some of the best UI sound I’ve ever heard, but it’d be great to get a few variations for each sound effect that you can manually place in a level. You end up playing a lot of levels that spam the same sound repeatedly and it’d be cool if that could be varied up a bit.

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