Announced during the E3 2019 Nintendo Direct broadcast, Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 are both dropping on the Switch eShop on 29th October. Previously pencilled in for a 'Fall' release, the date has been confirmed by the official Resident Evil Twitter account. Both games will be available digitally for $29.99, although there's no word on a physical release - at least not for those two games - but there is a welcome surprise for Resident Evil 4 fans.

Following the link to the Capcom blog reveals another announcement - a North American exclusive Triple Pack including Resident Evil 4 on cartridge, plus download codes for RE5 and RE6.


As you can see, Capcom is up to its usual shenanigans regarding boxed compilations only coming with one game on the cart, but many fans will be pleased to be able to get RE4 in physical form. This bundle will be available on the same day for $59.99.

Though it's very nice to have RE5 and RE6 in a 'completionist' sense, they fall somewhat short of the 'co-op classics' the tweet above bills them as. To be fair, we remember having a good time with Resident Evil 5 in co-op, although having a partner along for the ride certainly diffuses a lot of the tension created by a horde of vicious flesh-eaters. This writer never got around to playing RE6, probably for the best by all accounts.

Nevertheless, these two entries will mean that Switch only needs Resident Evil 2, RE3 and a non-cloud, non-Japan-exclusive version of RE7 to have every one of the mainline games. We're champing at the bit to see the recent REmake 2 on Switch, although knowing Capcom they'll keep us waiting or give Code: Veronica a dust down before we see that particular treat on Nintendo's platform.

Have you played either of these? Is Resident Evil 6 really that bad? Let us know with a comment below.