If you're a fan of vertically-scrolling shooters then the name MOSS will surely mean something to you. Formed in 1993 by ex-Seibu Kaihatsu staffers, the company is the current custodian of the Raiden franchise – which, as it happens, is coming to Switch soon.

One of MOSS' other shooters is also landing on Nintendo's console shortly, and will be getting an English-language version thanks to its Asian region release. Originally released in 2013 as a rare Japanese exclusive for the Xbox 360, Caladrius would later be ported to the arcade, and in 2014 received a PlayStation 3 release under the title Caladrius Blaze. That version is now getting ported to the Switch.

The gimmick with this particular game is that boss battles see you undressing (ahem) your enemy, complete with massive pieces of artwork in the background illustrating the process.

Caladrius Blaze Multilanguage 590097.5

Here's some PR:

Along with fantastic art and cutscenes to accompany the adrenaline-inducing gameplay this critically acclaimed shooter is receiving an update, rocketing it onto the must-have list for Nintendo Switch owner with a love for bullet hell shooters!

Featuring many of the weapon styles you're used to in Shoot 'Em Ups, Caladrius Blaze retains the gameplay of the original keeping mechanics like the 'Element Shoot System' - a special attack that makes each character unique - intact. 'Elemental Shots', which can be either defensively or offensively, will also retain along with there source management system 'Element Gauge'.

We've come to expect excellence across the board from a Moss title, and Caladrius Blaze takes the original title and doesn't disappoint! The fantastic Suzuhito Yasuda, the artist behind Caladrius (360), Durarara!!, and Devil Survivor, has contributed extra content in the form of new artwork, stages, characters, bosses, and characters!

There's no word on a Western release at present, but if you're feeling brave you can pre-order the Asian edition – along with a rather fetching metal slipcase – from Play-Asia now.

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