Wooloo Pokemon

American animal rights organisation PETA is once again using a video game to make a controversial statement. This time the target is Pokémon Sword and Shield and its new sheep pocket monster Wooloo – which was revealed to the world during the most recent Pokémon Direct presentation.

You see, Wooloo has wool and PETA doesn't approve of Wooloo-made sweaters.


Sure enough, backlash ensued and Pokémon fans began to shame PETA for the apparent spread of misinformation about sheep shearing. Animal rights advocates even came to Wooloo's defence, explaining how real sheep could suffer from heat stroke and illness if their wool wasn't clipped on a regular basis.

PETA has come under fire on a number of occasions over the years for dragging video games into its animal-related campaigns. We've seen easy targets like Super Meat Boy and other times it's made use of mascots and games like Super Mario.

We very much doubt The Pokemon Company and everyone else helping out with Pokémon Sword and Shield would be happy about the cute and fictional sheep Pokemon being used like this, but let us know your feelings with a comment below.

[source comicbook.com]