Coming to Switch today from developer Forza Games (yep, good luck googling that) and publisher TROOOZE, Bullet Battle: Evolution is a 4v4 online deathmatch game where you work with your team to capture as much territory as possible and wipe out the competition.

The screenshots show a set of realistic-looking urban environments, and apparently you'll be able to swim underwater to get the jump on the enemy team. No news yet whether it features a James Bond-style duck hat and concealed tuxedo skin, but here's hopin'.

The official blurb highlights the following features:

Enjoy everything you've come to expect of multiplayer FPS/TPS games, and more!
-Battle in stunningly beautiful environments
-Use close-quarter combat techniques in exhilarating encounters with enemies
-Heal allies as a medic
-Defeat enemies to rise in rank
-Revel in the joy of unlocking new equipment and techniques

This is a port of a mobile game, so we'd hope performance on Switch will be solid. Constant reference to 'amazing graphics' in the marketing text might be pushing it, although it looks pleasant enough. The onscreen 'BEST MULITPLAYER' tag in the trailer doesn't necessarily bode well in the attention-to-detail department, but it could be a fun third-person deathmatch game if you're tired of chasing 99 other people in battle royales. It's out today for $14.99 / £14.99 / €16.99.

Have you played this on your mobile? Think this port will hit the target? Let us know below.