The first trailer for the forthcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie went down like a fart in a lift, it's fair to say. Very few people had anything positive to say about the clip, which gave us our first glimpse of Sonic and Robotnik in their big-screen forms.

While Jim Carrey appears to be relishing the role (and could well end up carrying the whole project), the CGI Sonic – complete with freakishly human proportions – was met with such vitriol that fans almost immediately set about 'fixing' the character's look. In short, it's not the best start to the movie's fortunes.

It's perhaps unsurprising then that Yuji Naka – co-creator of Sonic and the person who is perhaps most responsible for turning him into a worldwide success thanks to his role as lead programmer on the original game – has felt compelled to comment. Rather than voice his concern about the new look of his most famous creation, Naka actually apologies in a roundabout fashion.

All Source Gaming's Nick Mosier has the translation:

Seeing the unfavorable reaction to Hollywood Sonic reminded me of this, but it looks like the CG is being made by Marza. Marza used to be Sega Visual Entertainment which I made, so I feel like I have some responsibility for it.

Naka also reveals that he wanted to appear in the movie, but the people in charge simply forgot to get back to him:

Speaking of that, I said I wanted to appear as an extra in a movie. It looks like they forgot. It was pretty long ago so I had actually forgotten too, but I would have liked to appear in a movie.

Naka also tweeted that he is still looking forward to the movie, despite his misgivings over the character design:

After watching it a few times, I've started to get used to how Sonic looks. When stopped, it seems pretty out of place, but Sonic isn't supposed to be motionless and it's better when he's moving. Eggman left a good impression. I'm looking forward to it.

You might be the only one, Yuji-san.