The first of what promises to be multiple updates for Shakedown: Hawaii, the recently released follow-up to the old-school GTA-alike Retro City Rampage, is dropping soon on Switch. "The Mogul Update" is available now on PC and PS4 and it's currently going through certification for Switch (and PS Vita if you're still rocking Sony's handheld).

As well as addressing the usual bugs, it seems that several of the coming tweaks and features are designed to remove much of the laborious work involved in taking over and controlling an entire island, leaving you to enjoy the fun parts and streamlining the monotonous aspects of criminal empire building.

Completing 'shakedowns' in the game allows you to earn extra cash outside the main story missions, but these were designed to be played in conjunction with the story. According to developer Brian Provinciano, many players concentrated on the shakedowns and therefore struggled to make progress buying up the island. Extra 'dialogue and guidance' has been added to make sure the player understands better that the main missions net you the big bucks.

There are plenty more additions, too. Check out the following list:

- More Shakedown Scenarios (even more variety!)
Car Repossession (earn extra cash for your Subprime Auto locations)
Weapon Pawning (earn cash and clear out inventory)
Shop Icons added to the map
- Expands some building interiors
- Character upgrades can now be unequipped
- Faster property and multipliers purchasing
- Salary can now be increased quicker
- Police chases improved
- Horns/sirens added to vehicles
- Bug fixes (nearly all reported bugs have been fixed)

In our review of the game we found the busywork of acquiring and upgrading buildings got tedious fast, so any changes to that system are very welcome. According to developer Vblank's website, Provinciano will be concentrating on the 3DS version of the game now that this first update is finished.

Have you played Shakedown: Hawaii? Do you think these tweaks and additions will change the game significantly for the better? Let us know with a comment below.