Raf Grassetti
Image: @rafagrassetti

If you cast your minds back to February this year, you might remember that we shared a number of pieces created by God of War art director, Raf Grassetti.

In his spare time, Grassetti has been using his talent to produce his own take on characters from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The results have been astonishing, and he's produced several more pieces since we last explored his work. We've included them below.

And these have been combined with other designs to create a Super Mario series piece.

Last time, we shared Grassetti's takes on characters like Kirby, King Dedede and more, another batch which included Diddy Kong, King K. Rool and Mewtwo amongst others, and the original set featuring stars such as Link, Samus and Sonic. We'd urge you to go back and check out all of those pieces if you haven't seen them already.

Scrolling through each image will present you with older designs, variants of certain characters, and more. Between this and Detective Pikachu artist RJ Palmer's recent realistic Pokémon drawings, there seems to be something of a trend going on. And we're loving it.

What do you think? Do you hope he'll go on to finish the set? Share your thoughts on these pieces with us in the comments below.

[source instagram.com]