Image: Raf Grassetti

You'll have to forgive us for revisiting this project for a third time, but God of War Art Director, Raf Grassetti, is still working on his collection of realistic Super Smash Bros. Ultimate designs and we can't help but share them for you to see.

Last time, we shared Grassetti's takes on the likes of Diddy Kong, King K. Rool and Mewtwo amongst others, with the original batch featuring favourites like Link, Samus and Sonic. We'd urge you to go back and check out all of those pieces if you haven't seen them already, but here are the latest efforts that have been uploaded since then.

If you scroll through each image you'll also be treated to older designs and variants of certain characters. If you want to see more of Grassetti's work, which unsurprisingly features some amazing God of War pieces, make sure to check out his Instagram account.

What do you think? Any favourites from this latest set? Let us know which ones you like in the comments below.