Following our look earlier in the week at the disparity between the eShop trailer and the released version of Xenon Racer on Switch (which launched on Wednesday), 3DClouds has responded to the article regarding the situation on the eShop and the current state of the game itself.

The trailer for the game on eShop clearly showed a version of the game running on more powerful hardware and didn't reflect the state of the game on Switch. Sales Manager Jonathan Lowe reached out, agreeing with our stance and confirming that the eShop media has now been changed. After a short period, we can confirm that it has now been removed. Lowe tells us that they are currently working on a trailer comprised of material from the Switch version.

Regarding the state of the current build available to purchase on the store, Lowe offered some explanation and details of future improvements. Firstly, he addresses some reasons for performance issues:

Xenon Racer being set mostly within cities has a huge amount of graphical assets and with the speed of the game it simply means the console processor is constantly at its limit to pull all of these assets into the game in time. Had we gone for wide open landscapes or standard racing tracks with our design it would have helped.

Of course, the built-up areas of near-future race circuits are always going to be more taxing for any hardware. Lowe goes on to provide details on a patch currently going through certification and more in the works to improve game performance:

Patch 3 contains changes to shaders and also weather textures this alone will add 2-3 fps. The patch will also, depending on which track is being played, reduce loading times by around 2-3 seconds. The content of the career mode will also change as other modes such as Time Attack have been added. The pop-up of assets in the foreground also improves significantly but the full and fix for this will be with patch 4.

Patch 4 brings further graphics improvements thing will look a lot sharper and the pop up of assets is resolved. We have also managed to gain a further 1-2 fps which will mean that the game plays at 24-28 fps. A performance / quality mode is also being added so the game will play at a minimum of 30fps unless quality mode is chosen.

We're told that patch 3 has been approved by Nintendo and is scheduled to go live next Wednesday, while patch 4 has been submitted, although this could be 2-3 weeks from release.

News that pop up is scheduled to be eliminated and that performance improvements are incoming is welcome, especially for anyone who has already bought the game. We'll be following the progress of Xenon Racer closely - we're still reviewing the game at the moment, but our verdict will be with you soon.

Have you played Xenon Racer yet? Has the performance of the current build affected your enjoyment? Be sure to share your experiences below.