There's been an overflow of games released on the Switch over the past few months. As a result, Digital Foundry has decided to assess four recent arrivals in a single video. These titles include Firewatch, Octahedron, Travis Strikes Again and Battle Princess Madelyn.

As usual, how each of these games runs on the Switch is a major talking point. Travis Strikes Again is commended for its stable performance, despite the resolution being a tad low. Octahedron managed to see the light of day on the Switch, even though it was originally developed using software that doesn't really support the system, and Battle Princess Madelyn is praised for replicating classic sprite-based action.

The last segment of the video is allocated to Firewatch. Digital Foundry takes a look at the game's framerate and cites the overall performance as a major problem. Although there's a 30fps cap, unfortunately, noticeable dips frequently detract from the narrative experience. On the portable front, the experience doesn't get any better.

Take a look at the full analysis in the video above and tell us if you've played any of these games on the Switch.