Trials fans are in for an extremely challenging treat on 26th February when Trials Rising arrives on the Switch and multiple other platforms.

To kill some time before it crash-lands, Ubisoft has shared new information about the future for the title, in the form of a post-launch plan. The idea is to release an expansion pass and host plenty of free seasons and events. The expansion pass includes more than 55 new tracks, customisation items and stickers. It takes place across the United States and Southern Hemisphere.

Trials Rising Post Launch Trailer Ubisoft [NA] 0 18 Screenshot

Below is the full rundown, direct from the press release:

  • Trials Rising Sixty-Six – Expansion I: Cruise and crash along Route 66 to experience the splendor that is the Land of Opportunity with new tracks and new Contracts. Taking inspiration from one of America’s favorite pastimes, football, this DLC includes items such as a football helmet, shirt, pants and cleats so players can cross the finish line in a sporty fashion.
  • Trials Rising Crash and Sunburn – Expansion II: Go below the equator to see the wonders of the Southern Hemisphere. Ride your way through the epic jungle-covered mountains of Peru to the icy region of Antarctica with two new bikes that introduce new gameplay possibilities, challenges and an explorer-themed outfit.
  • Stuntman Rider Pack: Defy the laws of gravity and fly through rings of fire with the Stuntman Rider Pack, where players can don the flashy Stuntman costume and ride the engraved retro bike to show everyone that no obstacle is too tough.
  • Samurai Pack: Slash through the tracks with the spirits of ancient samurai to guide you, with customization items that will allow players to stand out even more on the tracks.

In addition to all this content are the seasons - allowing you can unlock new poses, animations and new customisation items for your bike and rider. There will also be weekly challenges, providing even more objectives and rewarding players with in-game currency and limited-time prizes.

Check out the trailer above and tell us if you'll be getting back on the bike this February.