As part of its Q3 2019 financial update, Nintendo has provided up-to-date lists for its best-selling games across current consoles. We've already shared the current top ten best-selling Switch games, but what about the 3DS?

Well, as it happens, the top ten 3DS games are exactly the same now as they were three months ago, albeit with more sales under their belts. All sales totals below are lifetime sales which are accurate as of 31st December 2018 and include both physical and digital sales as well as bundled units.

Of course, with a general lack of major new releases and dwindling interest in the console from its core audience, it's not all that surprising that Nintendo's best sellers on the handheld have remained unchanged. Sadly, the total sales for Wii and Wii U games have not been updated this time around despite being included in the last quarter's updates.

Do you own many of these best-selling 3DS games? Let us know your favourites in the comments.