Bravely Default Img

The Bravely Default Twitter account is at it again. Following last year's tease in August hinting at upcoming games in the series, it's now officially confirmed a new game is in development:

According to Japanese Nintendo, there's no word on the platform or series. When it will arrive is also unknown. Given the fact this information is being posted on the Bravely Default Twitter account, it's fair to expect a related game announcement. Apart from this information, no other details were provided.

In September last year, Square Enix Producer Tomoya Asano was asked by weekly Famitsu magazine about future entries in the Bravely Default line and reassured fans the series would make a return. The primary goal is to not rush out a title every year and take time to make a game with the same volume as existing releases.

Are you eager to play another entry in the Bravely Default line? Or would you rather Square Enix released a follow-up to Octopath Traveler? Tell us below.

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