Duck Hunt Duo

Another game-breaking glitch has recently been discovered in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, this time involving Duck Hunt Duo and a very specific setup for Mii Swordfighter.

Discovered by Reddit users FlamingOranges and VocalEcho, this glitch falls much more in the "oh, well that's not good" category - like the Isabelle and Villager game breaker - rather than the "that's actually quite amusing" category - like the infinite Waluigi and super-sized Pikmin glitches seen previously. You can see it take place in the video below

FlamingOranges says that any stage is fine, as long as you have those two fighters, but the Mii Swordfighter must have the specific moveset listed below. Despite this, all you have to do is use the Mii Swordfighter's side special attack after Duck Hunt Duo's Gunman has fired a shot. The uploader states that "it's incredibly easy to pull off, and this was found through normal play".

- Neutral Special: Shuriken
- Side Special: Gale stab
- Up Special: Stone Scabbard
- Down Special: Reversal slash

Usually, we'd suggest trying to recreate the glitch yourself at home for a laugh, although this one is probably more of a nuisance than a comical quirk. Perhaps it's best to avoid playing with just these two characters unless a fix is patched in?

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