So many Waluigis...
Image: Master0fHyrule

Unless you've been living under a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate-shaped rock for the last few months, you'll no doubt be aware that fans really wanted luscious-haired super villain Waluigi in the game. Well, a new glitch has been found which can make this dream become painfully true and, with the help of the videos below, you too can have Waluigi become the star he was always destined to be.

It was only a few hours ago that we found ourselves reporting on a game-breaking glitch in which Isabelle and Villager can combine forces to literally shut everything down, confusing your poor Switch console into closing the game. Now, that pesky Isabelle's at it again, with a second glitch being the answer to those aforementioned Waluigi dreams.

As you can see in the video below, the trick here is to have two Isabelle fighters playing against one another. If both characters use their fishing rod to pull in an assist trophy at almost the same time, the faster Isabelle will infinitely spawn whichever trophy comes out. It's weird, it's amusing, and it's absolutely bonkers.

The glitch seems to have been originally spotted by YouTube user TheAfrowJow, who has shared the following video to explain exactly how it works (with added slow-mo for extra help).

So, Waluigi fans, are you happy now? Good luck getting to sleep tonight, everyone...