Last week, version 1.2.0 of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate went live. The latest update was mostly a bunch of technical tweaks in the form of fixes and adjustments. With the fanbase continually working around the clock to uncover what else has changed, a player who is part of the Smash Bros. Reddit community has now stumbled upon a glitch described as game-breaking.

It's not as lethal as it sounds, but it will disrupt your fight, sending you right back to the Switch HOME Menu. If you play a game of catch with Villager and Isabelle in Smash mode with another player, it will result in a system soft crash. Take a look at the GameXplain video above for the full demonstration.

Update: Also, if this isn't enough glitchy goodness for one day, a second glitch has now been found which can spawn infinite Waluigis. Yep, seriously.

Hopefully, this will be patched out in a future update. What do you think about this glitch? Tell us below.