Yet another Super Smash Bros. Ultimate glitch has been doing the rounds online in which players can transform the size of their Pikmin, making them the devilish monsters we always suspected they might be.

Shared recently on Twitter by @kangroo221, and seemingly originally found a few weeks ago by @DBlank20xx, the glitch can only be performed under very particular circumstances. The Pikmin only grow to their new-found full potential when in the presence of the Mother Brain assist trophy, as seen below; the Smash Bros. series already makes them much larger than their usual 1cm size, so this extra growth is pretty crazy.

You can try this out for yourself at home if you're interested; simply set up a scenario where one player uses a Mother Brain assist trophy (the Training options will be best for this) and have a second player control Captain Olimar. As the Mother Brain grows, fling your Pikmin directly on to her and watch them grow accordingly. You can see it in action in this video from the folks over at GameXplain.

There have been plenty of glitches discovered in the game so far, often with hilarious results. If you missed them previously, make sure to check out the Isabelle and Villager game breaker, the infinite Waluigi glitch, and this compilation video.

Have you stumbled across anything weird and wonderful in Smash Ultimate? Let us know down below.