Indie developer Firebrand Games has announced that its puzzle-shooter game Solar Flux is soaring towards a release on Nintendo Switch. It'll arrive on 11th December.

Originally launching on Steam and mobile devices, Solar Flux lets players take on the role of a ship tasked with reigniting the cores of stars which are just about to burn out. This can be achieved by collecting balls of plasma and firing them into the stars, but the natural dangers of space cause problems for the player along the way, with asteroids, black holes, and still-blazing stars standing between them and their goal.

Described as being "simple to play but with immense depth", the game lets you play through 80 missions spread across four different galaxies. The game's Creative Director, Alex Knight, says that it aims to capture “a combination of traditional puzzle mechanics, coupled with the serene beauty and unknown that are everywhere outside of our world". You can check out some screenshots down below.

As noted above, this one will be flying towards a Switch near you on 11th December. Solar Flux has received "mostly positive" reviews on Steam since its launch back in 2013.

Have you played this one before on other platforms? Are you intrigued enough to give it a go on Switch? Let us know with a comment below.