A physical Nintendo Switch edition of last year's Cat Quest is now available to buy in Europe. North America will also follow suit very soon.

Focusing on real-time hack ‘n' slash combat, sweet loot, and a whole lot of cat puns - excellent! - Cat Quest is an isometric open world 2D action-RPG full of colour and playful adventure. The game is set in the world of Felingard, and sends you on an epic journey to defeat Drakoth - an evil cat-lord who destroyed your boat and catnapped your sister. He is as pawerful as he is meowsterious, and in order to rescue your sister, you must realise your destiny as the last of the Dragonblood, a long-lost race of dragon-slaying cats.

If this all sounds like a purrfect adventure for you, feel free to check out our review of the game for more info. We gave it a very solid 7/10, praising its user-friendly approach.

"Cat Quest is a very user-friendly role-playing game. There are no overly complicated levelling, loot or progression systems – making it a great entry point for anyone who is new to this genre. Despite the simplistic design, it still offers potentially hours of entertainment."

If you'd like to try this game out for size, and just so happen to be a sucker for a lovely looking physical box like us, you can get the game right now from Amazon UK for £24.99. As we noted above, North American customers should start to see the game appear on store shelves from 11th September.


Will you be treating yourself to this one? Have you already purchased the game digitally? Tell us below.