Blowfish Studios has revealed that its action-strategy game hybrid Siegecraft Commander is strategically catapulting its way to a release on Nintendo Switch later this month.

The game tasks players with leading an army of troops on a raging battlefield, constructing a network of offensive and defensive structures to strengthen their positions and demolish enemy fortifications along the way. To expand their battlements, players catapult structures across the warzone, creating a web of connected towers linking back to the spires that spawned them and, ultimately, the central base.

Catapults can launch everything from new structures to explosives and even cows (as seen in the trailer above), all while deploying infantry to attack the opposing forces. The game features two eight-level single-player campaigns starring either a defence-focused band of knights or a tribe of offensive Lizardmen. Local split-screen and online cross-platform multiplayer for 2-4 players between Switch, Xbox One, and PC is also available (it would appear that PS4 does not support this feature).

Speaking of which, our chums over at Push Square gave this title an 'average' 5/10 review when the game launched on PS4 last year. With over a year and a half between the two releases, we're hopeful that the game might have seen a couple of improvements. Here's what Push Square had to say:

"Siegecraft Commander is a good idea which very nearly works. There is a lot of game packed in, and if a decent multiplayer community can be formed then it could be a fun one to be part of. The problem is the wonky control system which never quite feels right and undermines much of the good stuff on display."

The game is now available to pre-order on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $19.99 / €19.99 and will launch on 19th September.

Do you have higher hopes for this one when it arrives on Switch? Feel free to share your thoughts with us down below.