The Fullbright Company and Annapurna Interactive have announced that Gone Home, a critically acclaimed interactive adventure, will be released on Switch next week.

If you're unfamiliar with the name, Gone Home is a first-person exploration adventure set in 1995. Taking the role of Katie, players simply explore their surroundings, with no clear goals or pathways presented at any time. Events unfold in a house in rural Oregon, full of interesting and everyday objects for you to examine. As you do so, you unlock a series of journal entries that help you to figure out the recent events that took place there.

Gone Home was originally destined to arrive on Wii U but, despite eventually making it to PS4 and Xbox One, the Nintendo version sadly never came. As mentioned above, however, it went on to receive critical acclaim, going on to secure a Metascore of 86 on review aggregator Metacritic with some very attractive full-points scores being obtained along the way. The game was mostly praised for its approach to storytelling and for providing a different experience to those commonly found in the gaming world.

The game will be available to purchase directly from the Switch's eShop on 23rd August, celebrating the original release's fifth anniversary.

Did you play Gone Home on other systems? Will you be checking this one out now that it's made its way to Switch? Tell us below.