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  • News Gone Home is No Longer on its Way to the Wii U eShop

    Looks like it's just gone home

    As some of you may be aware, Gone Home was just recently re-confirmed to be coming to consoles. The popular Indie game got its start on the PC in 2013 and acquired something of a cult following. Majesco Entertainment was due to assist in bringing it to consoles earlier this year, but the deal unfortunately fell through...

  • News Gone Home Console Versions Are "Not Actively in Development Any Longer"

    Publishing deal with Majesco currently off

    Gone Home was critically acclaimed when it arrived on PC in 2013, widely praised for its narrative in particular; there was unsurprisingly some buzz last year, too, when a Nintendo Unity presentation announced the game for Wii U. Nintendo's home console has hosted some excellent Indie efforts, and this...


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