Hollow Knight

A while ago, Australian developer Team Cherry said a physical release of Hollow Knight was "absolutely" on the cards. The subject got raised again in a Reddit AMA, with the team once again confirming it was working on making it happen. 

Following the recent announcement of the game's final content pack, Variety has revealed Skybound Games will be handling the physical release of Hollow Knight on the Switch. It's due to arrive in Spring next year. 

Team Cherry made the following statement about the partnership:

Skybound immediately impressed us with their experience and their focus on quality, and we can’t wait for them to deliver the definitive version of Hollow Knight into players’ hands.

More details are expected to be revealed soon. 

Have you been holding out for the definitive physical release of Hollow Knight? Will you double-dip? Have you even played this game before? Tell us below. 

[source vooks.net, via skybound.com]