Dragon Ball Beta

Update: The servers appear to be back online. 

Before the launch of Dragon Ball FighterZ at the end of September, Bandai Namco is this week testing out the game’s online infrastructure. As previously announced, an open beta for the game was going live today to stress test the game and also give players a first-hand look at how the title performs on Nintendo’s handheld system.

As the beta has recently gone live, reports are now rolling in that the network is experiencing some teething issues. Bandai Namco has even posted a message via Twitter acknowledging the current network issues troubling the beta.

This isn’t exactly the first time a network issue like this has happened on the Switch. Nintendo itself held a number of events prior to the launch of games like Splatoon 2 and ARMS to essentially stress test the online network and suffered similar problems. This is normally due to the sheer volume of players attempting to log into the servers all at once. Betas such as this are mostly to ensure network problems are ironed out before the final release. 

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