Fortnite all-terrain vehicle.jpg

The insanely popular battle royale game, Fortnite, continues to grow at a rapid rate, with Season 5’s arrival last week bringing a whole host of changes including the introduction of vehicles in the form of all-terrain karts. As with all updates, it’s no surprise to discover that dataminers have been inspecting the backend to see what could be planned for the future. 

The latest scoop is via the Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks Twitter account, which suggests that vehicle customisation - in the form of decorations for karts - might be on the way when Epic Games apparently finishes testing.  

Season 5 saw the swamp in the southeast corner of the battle royale map replaced with a desert biome, and the old racetrack updated to handle the all-terrain karts. A number of subtle Mario Kart references have also been added since the update, like blue, yellow and red sparks that appear from vehicles when drifting, so it would be nice to see some customisation options for our little buggies.

Do you think we’ll see customisation or decorations for Fortnite’s vehicles in the near future? Is character skin customisation already enough? Tell us below.